Sunday, 25 June 2017


Catapult 22/6/17 week 8
Force is when you push, pull or throw something. For example if you throw a tennis ball and put a lot of force on it will go very fast and far ,but if you don't put force on it the cotton ball won't go far or fast. We made a catapult, we also made a graph for our data.
We changed the amount of rubber bands that we put on the cotton ball, we also changed how many cotton balls we fired. We were changing the amount of rubber bands and cotton balls that were fired, we were changing these things to see the effect it had on the distance.
I wonder if you fire more rubber bands and cotton balls if it will still go further or not.
We used popsicle sticks,plastic spoons and Sellotape to stick everything together. The measurements were quite high after three rubber bands to seven. 
The steps are to get three popsicle sticks and stick them together to make the base. Then you get a plastic spoon and stick that onto the base, and there you are you have a catapult. 
The force behind this is that if you pull back on the catapult spoon hard then it will go further, but if you only tap the spoon the cotton ball won't go far. I could use this catapult as a model if I want to make a bigger version. It could also help me in maths because we have learnt about weight. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Rocket balloons  25/5/2017 week 4
What i’ve done: rocket balloons.

What I found out: if you put the straw on the string and it is too steep then it won't have enough power to get up it. Also it doesn't have enough to make it up the whole way so it only makes it half way. 

What I wonder: if you connect another balloon the the first one if it makes it go the whole way because of the extra air.

Chair pulley 8/6/17
I got to choose between three options for science which was a chair pulley a ping pong ball ramp or go outside and play with the force with a basketball. I chose the chair and pulley because was interested in moving weights up and down or side to side. I made it with Leon and Liam, we were changing the steepness to see if it would work. We used chairs, rope and a basket. 

I found out that if you make the rope steeper than normal it won't work because it's too steep and the rope can't take the weight. 

I found out that if you make the ropes steeper but you make the basket lighter  it will work.

I wonder if you make the ropes bigger and more of them to hold to hold the weight and make the basket heavier if it will still work.

Catapult 7/6/17
I made catapults with leon. I chose to make the catapult because I wanted to beat everyone in the competition on who could shoot the cotton ball the longest. 

I found out that if you weighed the cotton ball with rubber bands then will go further and if you make it a hand powered catapult it will go further.

I wonder if you just fire rubber bands if it goes further.

Catapult 12/6/17
This science time I was gathering data with leon, we were gathering data about our catapult and the distance it could go. We found out that if you put more than 5 rubber bands on the cotton ball that even though everyone says the more rubber bands the further the cotton ball will go, we found out that 3 our 4 rubber bands on it will make it go further.

I wonder if you stick another cotton ball to the first one if it will go further.

Mini golf course 15/6/17
Today I made a mini golf course with Jackson, Sean, Sam and I. We tried a lot of different designs and all of them didn't work.

I found out that if you hit the ball to hard then it definitely won't go into the hole because it will bounce out of the track.

I wonder if you make the trAck steeper but flat and no bumps if it will work.

High ropes

I'm so excited to climb, I'm next. 

I'm belaying. Sean is climbing now. My stomach is tingling with fear. Sean says he wants to come down now. It's getting even more nerve racking, he is down now. I feel like all of my blood is rushing to my stomach.

I strap my belt on and I start. I climb higher and higher and higher, I feel like I'm on top of the world. It’s so high. Let's get to the top. 

All I have to do is high five the top bar it can't be that hard, but it's a lot harder than I thought, I can't reach the top, just a little bit more yay! I got it ! I did it, now it's time to get down, 

Let's go, I let go of the wall, I can hear the the
 rope zipping down the belt, I am really proud of myself.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Once bright blue and spring with colour now I am unwashed and dirty, unloved and old, I haven't been worn in years. Now busted and split, I was the reason why he won his matches, now that I've been replaced he loses every single game. I sometimes wonder if he still cares about me or even loves me he hasn't worn me in ages I can't wait till he does, if he does. What am I.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Colour writing

I am the sparkly ruby in the ore.
Raspberry jam that you spread on toast in the morning. 
I am the juicey inside of the watermelon. 
I'm am the light that stops in your car.


Ice cream 
Eats everything



Tena koutou 
Ko Aoraki te Maunga 
Ko Otakaro te awa 
Ko waimairi te kura 
Ko ngati Aotearoa te iwi 
Ko Chris taku papa 
Ko Kati taku mama
No Waihopai ahau
No Ollie taku ingoa 
Tena koutou tena koutou 
Tena koutou Katoa.